The network has ratings of online journalists

    In RuNet, the first ratings of popularity and activity of journalists publishing materials in the Internet appeared. Ratings are based on data collected automatically, which allows you to objectively and independently determine the leaders among journalists in the same publication and throughout the Runet.

    The activity of a journalist is determined by the number of his materials published in the online media, and popularity is determined by the number of visits to these materials since their publication. Such statistics by authors will allow us to diversify their effectiveness in the editorial office, since it reflects the demand for content from the audience.

    Data for ratings is collected and processed using the Inforotor project statistics system, which provides various tools for analyzing online media and information flow. Journalists of all online media registered in the Inforotor and broadcasting the full names of the authors in their RSS feeds participate in the ratings.

    More information about the services for journalists here
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