Another failed mascot of Olympics 14: Tetris

    The finalists of the Olympics mascot competition were named 14. Among the 10 applicants, 6 were furry, characterless animals standing on their hind legs (including a dolphin). Zoych's warning did not affect the jury's opinion. Further there are absolutely infantile: the Sun, the Fiery boy and the Snowflake, and even Santa Claus. That is, there is simply nothing to choose from.

    I think that these nine members of the jury selected specifically so that there would be no rivals for nested dolls . Matryoshka dolls are made of white plastic, like an innovative ipod. Apparently, the sports committee has already decided everything for us, and the competition was created so that we do not forget that we live in a democratic country.

    In this situation, be in the company of Zoich and Varezhek- just worthy. I propose the third option, about which I understand in advance that he had no and no chance. This is: Tetris!

    Tetris is more popular all over the world than Cheburashka

    This is true - Tetris has been over 25 years old. It has grown more than one generation. What does all these people have in active age.

    And through the efforts of Chinese industry, they played tetris in all countries of the world.

    The author of the tetris is Russian programmer Aleksey Pazhitnov

    In my opinion this is important. If we declare to the whole world that we are for innovation, then it may be worth emphasizing with what respect we treat the fruits of Russian creators of modern brands?

    And if you pay Alexey Pazhitnov for using the brand, then we will say thanks to him. After all, the motherland must remember its heroes!

    In addition, despite the international nature of Tetris, the whole world knows him as a Russian game.

    Tetris is a game

    So what, what is computer? Has anyone canceled character and intelligence in Olympic sports?

    The spinelessness of Cheburashka is one of the main shortcomings, as a mascot of Olympic sports. What do I have to do with no complaints about Uspensky and Norshtein, they created an image for preschool children. The question is for those who decide who to be the mascot of.

    Tetris looks good graphically

    For television screensavers, screensavers are required. Tetris can be played in the animation. Logos for sports will be needed. Tetris, despite its squareness and pixelity, will look good graphically. And stylish.

    On aesthetic decision making

    As early as 2000, Marat Gelman wrote :

    “In today's Russia, a research institute, as an institution in art, is frustrated — our rulers build their relationship with art on the principle of favoritism. If the president or the mayor chooses the main artist, or the main musician, or the main writer, then these institutions are no longer needed. ”

    The mayor of Moscow has already changed, and the President too. But the decision-making method in art and aesthetics remained.

    Competition Results

    My theory turned out to be wrong - the nesting dolls lost. I had too good an opinion about the sense of taste and style of the organizers.

    Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin said at a meeting with students in Sochi the day before that he liked Leopard. On February 26, 2011, it was Leopard that gained the largest number of votes.

    In principle, if this helps to revive the population of rare animals, then God is with him. In the end, it's just a talisman. The Olympics will end and they will forget about the mascots. A business on these talismans in Russia still could not be organized.

    In addition to the leopard, a polar bear, a hare, also won. The jury decided to leave also a ray and a snowflake. The winigret turned out the same: a ray melts a snowflake, a leopard eats a hare, a polar bear urgently goes to the north pole, there is a land as cold as ice.


    The author of the text is Vadim Galkin. When publishing an article, please link to my page .

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