Innovation in the analysis of Internet media traffic sources

    Did you know that there is a tool on the Internet that allows you to analyze which audience each individual traffic source sends to the Internet media site? This tool is a detailed report on the sources of visitors and is implemented in the form of filters.

    Using filters, you can determine what people are interested in and what visitors who come from a particular source do on the media site, what sections they read, which messages are most popular among them, how much time they spend on the site and how many pages they view, and you can also see the regional distribution (countries and cities) of visitors from this source.

    This characteristic of traffic from a specific source allows Internet media to more adequately evaluate traffic partners and adjust cooperation with them so that in the end they get the audience most interesting to advertisers and relevant to the publication’s goals. For advertisers themselves, a description of the interests and behavior of visitors to the media site will help to allocate the budget more effectively in times of crisis.

    To receive such data about your Internet media, simply register it on the Inforotor portal (registration is written here )

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