Free Blogs for Dismissed Journalists

    The American company Six Apart, published an original proposal for journalists who were fired in connection with the crisis. All of them can now get a free account on the TypePad blogging platform as part of the Journalist Bailout Program . This is a professional account worth $ 150 per year, as well as the opportunity to get free technical support and promotion through participation in the aggregator (here, bloggers also receive part of the advertising revenue earned by the aggregator).

    Interestingly, the former blogger and vice president of the company Anil Dash announced the launch of the new program immediately after Six Apart reduced its staff.

    Thus, thanks to the crisis, an idea in the spirit of Web 2.0 is being realized: journalists should be independent and publish directly through the Web, making part of the profit from online advertising. This is a typical model for a blogger-moneymaker, but now professional journalists are switching to this way of business. Anil Dash claims that hundreds of applications have already been received to participate in the project.

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