American Roly Beetles or Blogger Crying

Original author: Alex Hope
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As a small introduction, I’ll say that this letter was sent by American blogger designer Alex Hope, John Cho (y), one of the most famous American money-blogging bloggers. And what it is - could potentially be repeated by thousands (hundreds of thousands) of bloggers. I set out my own thoughts about the letter there , and here it’s just a translation, with preserved punctuation and (where it was possible) lexical coloring.

“Hello, John!

I'm your recent reader, and I'm new to blogging too. And also in monetization and so on ... I decided to start a blog in January of this year. I called the blog "I" because I like the design and I wanted to do something useful for other designers, as well as have some money on it.

“I” is a resource where designers can download “royalty free” vector graphics for their needs ... in short ... I write to you because I myself am just a designer ... And I don’t know anything about blog monetization and traffic conversion. According to statistics, in February my blog had 1487 unique visitors, in April - 10354, in June - 30044, in August - 47305, and in September - 67301. Also in September there were 85211 visits, 565132 page views (6.63 pages per visitor) and 3074280 hits. My rank in Alex is 178085 and PR is 4.

About 176 clipart are available for download on the site. Free - 121, the rest are sold at prices ranging from $ 1.99 - $ 14.99. We sell clip art (for some reason, it’s “we”, yeah; note Misha) for $ 200 per month. Another $ 30- $ 80 is brought by 125x125 banners in the sidebar and that’s all. I’ve been thinking, maybe it’s worth adding visitors the opportunity to upload their own cliparts, and sell them on the site at the rate of 50 to 50? This is a very generous offer and it will surely attract people. By the way, this will save me from having to draw everything myself.

But not the point. My question is: who can translate all these numbers into how much a blog can really bring me? John, if I was your blog, what would you do to get as much money out of it as possible? I will do everything as you say. I’m sure I’m not doing 15% of everything that can be done to monetize a blog. They told me here that I need to upload less free and more - for sale. Maybe you should just do more, and not for free, but for money, and just forget about monetization? Can look for more affiliate programs? Can add contextual advertising? And how to use your growing rank in Alex to earn money on it? I would have hung up more ads, but so that users would not run away ... well ... like on your site ... you have a lot of ads, and nothing is deadly ...

I’m just very poor ... I don’t have any money ... I owed my mother (hmm ..; note Misha) several thousand dollars. I would really like to make more money on my site, because I invested a lot of work in it, and I will continue to do it with pleasure. I feel smart and tech savvy enough to make real money on the site ... like the others. Is it even possible to earn a thousand dollars a month, or two, if monetized correctly? I don’t know what exactly needs to be done.
If you are too busy to answer, can you give a link to a couple of articles that would help me?

Alex Hope

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