Customer Blog - I want to buy!

    I decided to create a new blog ( I want to buy! ), Where one could learn the nuances of acquiring and using various IT things - hardware, gadgets and software. As planned, if you decide to purchase one or another thing, but still have doubts and want to receive feedback from other hawkers, publish a topic and describe what you decided to buy, about where and for how much, as well as your need or task for which the product is being purchased . I hope that among the participants there are quite a lot of users with various gadgets or pieces of iron, so in the comments you can read reviews about their work, maybe someone will tell you where to buy cheaper or easier, or maybe it’s worth doing a completely different device or program.

    For convenience, I would suggest the following post format:
    -Name : full name of the device and manufacturer, for example, Asus X80L mini-laptop
    - Where and how much : if you noticed a purchase in an online store or off-line retail outlet, you can specify an address, for example, Moscow, GigaMarket salon, price 28 000 rub .
    - Link to the technical description:
    - What is it for me? If possible, describe your task or problem. For example: I want a convenient small laptop on the Wintel platform for use on trips and rarely, in nature. Mostly office applications and multimedia, battery life, weight and size are critical - I don’t want to carry something big and heavy :)

    Here is such an idea. I hope this comes in handy for the hawkers.

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