Japan launches 3D television

    Hyundai has released a 46-inch 3D plasma TV. It implements TriDef technology from the DDD Group, which involves the separation of the video stream in real time in two: for the right and left eye. A TV is sold along with two pairs of polarized glasses and costs $ 4,000, which is about 25% more expensive than a regular “plasma”.

    Especially for such an event, several Japanese cable stations began broadcasting 3D programs four times a day, which are specially filmed with the expectation of viewing in three-dimensional form. The technology of three-dimensional video has long been well known, but this is the first project in the world of full-fledged broadcasting in 3D.

    Sales of Hyundai 3D-TVs outside of Japan are not planned yet, but you can enjoy the delights of three-dimensional video on a regular PC using special software or if you buy the TriDef Vision + set-top box and connect it to a regular TV by supplying a signal source (DVD player or TV cable) to the set-top box )

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