21 facts about blogging from Copernicus

    For a year of blogging, I still understood something in this difficult matter :) Did you believe that it is not easy? Right. There are countless lists of how to blog correctly or incorrectly. You will feel sick, but you will still read the next one:

    1. The number of backlinks does not depend on the usefulness, correctness, seriousness of the post. Not at all. They often referred to me because I published absurdity, semolina for the mind, senseless research, nonsense, nonsense :) However, do not think that the number of backlinks is directly proportional to the stupidity of the message;)

    2.The number of comments does not depend on the length of the post. I watched a lot of kamenty for heavy recordings and their absence in small recordings. The number of cameras affects the meaning, time of publication, presentation of material, emotional charge.

    3. Errors are noticed only by the most meticulous readers. Units react to them.

    4. Commentators with a key in their head (that is, with a keyword instead of a name) usually appear out of darkness, gurgle and hide in the darkness forever ...

    5.The percentage of loyal and active audience of the total number of readers is very small (5-15%). By loyal, I understand that audience that empathizes and is interested in your personal life. The rest is enough to drum on your life's adversities. So it should be. By an active audience, I understand the one that responds to posts - comments, puts links to its resources.

    6. Interview - a great opportunity to have interesting content at someone else’s expense :) Is that so? Not. To come up with questions without first studying the interlocutor, and to find one is work. Another thing is that I have a certain skill, and I do it easily and naturally :)

    7.If you take an interview in real time (ICQ, skype, face-to-face meeting), then it will turn out to be much more dynamic and lively than if questions were prepared in advance.

    8. Interesting interviews are almost independent of questions. The main thing is the answers. I know that for sure.

    9. In order for the text to be read easily, regardless of its semantic load, before publication it is worth rereading it 2-3 times. As a rule, after that, you still have to climb inside again and “blow off the dust” from an already published post.

    10. Preparing posts in advance is uninteresting and unproductive. Although HZ. I used to write everything in the heat of the heat.

    eleven.Sharing a blog with my girlfriend is a bad omen :) Just kidding. I do not believe in signs. I believe that any person can meet a person who is almost ideally suited to him and live happily ever after. I believe that love is only mutual. If love is not mutual - to hell with her :) Why? Yes, because it’s easier and, with a good combination of circumstances, to live longer. By the way, Lena, I love you!

    12. If a real disaster happened, even inactive readers will respond. There are more good people. I realized this when one tragedy happened last year (a friend was killed in Angarsk), and I asked for help. Strangers from all over the country knocked at me. If you don’t have enough for a thing that our ancestors could easily do without inventing electricity, then you should not ask for it ... This is not a problem.

    13. A positive attitude attracts a positive audience reaction. Politeness attracts politeness. Does this need to be explained? :)

    14. Posts with bright emotional coloring are mostly liked by people. People read and thank or scold, or rejoice, or sad ... People react.

    15. Readers feel fake very well. They will believe in fiction only if the author himself suggests to himself that this is how it was.

    16. The complexity scares and significantly reduces the number of people who read the post. Simplicity, accessibility, ease - significantly increase readability.

    17. Paragraphs, lists, illustrations - good! Monolithic chunks of text are bad.

    18.Lists significantly increase returns (the number of backlinks). All ears have already buzzed about this to you, but it’s for sure! I am sure that I will get a certain number of “backlinks” to this post :)

    19. In the first-person narrative, you can almost always do without the letter “I”. The text will look more harmonious, and readers will already understand that you are you.

    20. The experienced bloggers hate lists a la “how to maintain a blog” or “how to promote a blog” :) But newcomers drag on them :)

    21. To hell with the rule! And the lists ...

    But I don’t know yet whether it is worth ending the post with a question to increase the number of comments?

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