Quoting sources “comme il faut”

    Often there is a need to use elements of a website in your blog, be it text, witty dictum or picture.

    HeartRails Inc has released the Kwout tool (from quote, in English - “quote”). The service allows you to take a screenshot from any site: select the necessary element of the site, click Cut, the service generates a code. Next, insert the code into your blog or Habr, for example, I did (screenshot of the blog that announced the launch of Kwout):
    http://blog.go2web20.net/2007/12/kwout-what-fine-tool-for-bloggers.html/> /> /> /> via kwout
    Also, you can remove the shadow, add a frame, change the background color.

    A similar tool was launched by Google for Google Books. This tool allows you to pull quotes from books and present them in this form (only for books from the Google library):
    Text not available
     About this book Read this book The Adventures of Oliver Twist Author (s): Charles Dickens

    For some reason, the tool does not work with all books, I wanted to quote Nietzsche so much, but nothing worked. Well, here's Oliver Twist.

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