By the way about Hyper-V or Microsoft - again the birthplace of elephants

    I forgot to tell - about three months ago, the sensation from Microsoft spread around the world - Hyper-V finally learned how to move machines from server to server without downs (of course, with shared storage).

    My father-in-law came from such a presentation, where everything as he says was beautifully and theatrically furnished, expensively done and skillful presidents skillfully hung noodles on their ears. As a result, the person himself was sure for a long time that iphone 3g is the first 3g Hyper-V phone - the first virtualizer capable of moving containers without downs.

    But not a bad idea suggests. Breshet and let them bresh, there is nothing to envy someone else's gesheftom. But it suggests that everything somehow turns out to be all right — Citrix buys XenServer, VHD appears on XenServer, live migration on Hyper-V, not much later than the implementation in Xen, and the technology is quite complicated and requires many years to implement, in short such coincidences simply do not exist. So the guys from Redmond seem to get the code from Xen? I will not argue, but the idea is far from fantastic ...

    And where does the wart eater look? And nowhere. This whole GPL and other open source is a fairy tale for people, it is an opportunity to get away from taxes and antitrust monitors beautifully, and occasionally even get a team of free fanatical slaves. FSF is the most successful fiscal audit tool invented by corporations over the past 50 years. I do not want to say that software should not be open. Software should not be free. But free like a freedom, not like a free beer in practice is still beer. People does not need freedom. He needs booze and girls.

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