Report on Web Standards Days in Minsk

    Last Saturday, November 28, the first event called “ Web Standards Days ” was held in Minsk . This meeting opens a series of regular free educational events held by the Web Standards community .

    The meeting was held in the conference hall of the Belarus Hotel and gathered about 200 participants from the declared 330. We intentionally did not refuse to all comers to come to the meeting even after registration was completed and all limits were exceeded. We reasoned that this was not a congress of the CPSU Central Committee, and if all 330 participants suddenly decided to attend the meeting, then it would be possible to sit on side chairs or even steps.



    Two days before the meeting, all registered participants received a short digest about the preparations for the meeting and an updated program: now there were not 5, but as many as 7 reports (files of some presentations will be available later):
    Below is a little more detail about each of them.

    Reposition everything and on time

    The report was most interesting to those who faced the task of total redesign and re-coding of large sites. Andrey listed possible tools and a general approach, thanks to which this difficult undertaking was successful for the HeadHunter site .

    Error. Awareness, Reconciliation, Benefit

    The new one-man show by Vadim Makishvili, which collected the largest number of enthusiastic responses in the twitter feed by the tag #wstdays . It was about such a thing as a bug or error and how it affects the work of the developer himself. Very practical advice, flavored with a healthy portion of humor and artistry.


    Web Fonts vs. Fonts for the web

    Vadim Makeev presented the guests of the meeting with an overview of the historical prospects for the development of technology of embedded or, as they are increasingly called, web fonts. From simple fonts for the web to the latest technologies available now in all modern browsers, including IE. All modern Flash and JS crutches were recommended to be replaced using web fonts.

    HTML5 We will be familiar!

    Pavel Lovtsevich spoke about the new features of the distant, but so coveted HTML 5, about the level of its support in modern browsers, features of use and why, in fact, HTML 5, and not XHTML 2.


    WebHiTech. Results 2009 and plans 2010

    Artemy Lomov presented the guests of the meeting statistics of the just-completed WebHiTech contest , outlined the main trends of the Russian website building industry and invited everyone to this year’s award ceremony , which will be held on December 8 at the MAI KFOR and will be combined with the VST meeting, which will contain 7 reports, only partially repeating the Minsk meeting.

    VML, SVG, Canvas

    Nikolai Matsievsky was not afraid to dig deep into centuries and bring to the surface the historical perspective of the development of special web graphics, which ultimately evolved into modern web standards: SVG and Canvas. Among the tips was an unexpected criticism of SVG in favor of Canvas when using complex masks on Google Maps.


    Some problems of using modern web technologies

    Konstantin Efimov told the experience of his own studio about the features of implementing such modern technologies as microformats and special style sheets for various devices and the most common mistakes. The main idea of ​​the report - quantity does not always mean quality.


    Despite the general spontaneity and a lot of overlays (and where without them;) we hope that the meeting was successful. At least this is evidenced by the full hall until the end of the day and the warmest feedback from participants. And, most importantly, we managed not only to tell you about web standards, but also to listen to everyone who was interested in asking questions or expressing their opinion. By the way, the most active participants in the meeting went home with books: Eric Meyer, Dan Cederholm, Nikolai Matsievsky and some others.


    In addition to the meeting on December 8 at the beginning of next year, we plan to hold at least three meetings: in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Samara. Follow our webstandards_ru twitter channel and the Web Standards blog on Habré.

    The meeting was opened and led by Pavel Lovtsevich, zigzag and Vadim Makeev, pepelsbey , and among the guests and those who helped the organization, the following habrausers were noticed: bolk , chikuyonok , engel , banzalik and many others, which we hope will be noted in the comments. Special thanks to Vyacheslav Oliyanchuk for the photo for the post and help in organizing the meeting .

    The video will be available a little later, and a detailed album with photos, which will be updated over time, is already on Yandex.Photos: Web Standards Days. Minsk, November 28. If you have photos, send them to us at or post to Twitter with the tag #wstdays.

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