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    Good day to all.
    I listened from many people that virtualization is evil and that this will not solve any problems, there is a radically opposite opinion. Many say that you need to virtualize a small fraction of non-critical applications and vice versa. I want to tell my story:

    A year ago, the share of virtualization in the company was only 3%, namely with a fleet of 30 servers, 3 virtual machines were deployed on one of them. Now there are only 3 physical servers. How was it ...




    Takam “beginning” of course I can not surprise anyone. Indeed, every second has such a server. But the main understanding is that it is necessary to change and change what is around. One of my acquaintances (a system architect with a capital letter) liked to speak at the first meeting - and now let's see your server room. Probably the expression "say who you are friends with and I will say who you are" or similar ones vividly describe an expression that can be projected onto the IT sector.

    At some point in “my server room” there was simply no room left for installing servers for the new needs of the company. The equipment failure began to be repeated with periodic consistency, I generally am silent about the air conditioning and fire extinguishing system.
    The park was heterogeneous, the old one - a new one in remixing, no systematization.
    A decision was made about the need for modernization (this word is very fond of D.A.M ), namely the construction of a new server room with the purchase of new equipment that meets modern requirements for performance and reliability and the transfer of the existing system to the "rails" of virtualization.

    What is the situation now:



    There were only 3 physical servers (one domain controller, a backup server in which the SAS tape library is connected, a virtual environment management server (although I really want to virtualize it for fault tolerance).
    On one interesting site from Veeam Software, which publishes the results of the study on virtualization is an interesting V-Index. This index is 38.9 (the ratio of virtual servers to physical). I decided to use these indexes “before and after” a deep modernization of the server room. tea 3% versus about 99% for the industry average of 39% (many would say - what can not be, or something else) Personally, for myself this question, I replied, it is a great indicator of why tell you..?
    There are a lot of answers to this question, from elementary consolidation to increased reliability and cost reduction, etc.

    And why am I doing this, I want to ask, what index do you have ???

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