About healthy reflection and honesty

    I am writing this short note because I cannot but write. The CEO of free-lance.ru recently stated that the purpose of the ban on the transfer of contacts is, no more and less, to create "another (not the same as it was before October 2) Freelance market in the Russian-language segment of the Internet." All this sounded ambiguous, but it was not completely clear - it was just a desire to earn money, or people really want to make Russian freelance more mature, or something. Happy is the ignorance of those who are happy to be deceived!

    Now think about the meaning of the latest changes. For paid users, the sites (quite heavily paid, by the way) again returned the ability to exchange contacts. But excuse me, until recently you said that the inability to transfer contacts is an absolute good! That is, this is an opportunity to become more solid and confident in each other. And what happens? What strongly paid "brothers in mind" get the opportunity to become solid and insecure? What is this unconditional good, for the absence of which you have to pay?

    Or maybe the restriction on contacts is not such a boon? Is it something else? And if it turns out that it is something completely different, then you should at least not call IT good (“we will raise the market”, etc.). No, I’m far from cliches like “monopolization” and “monetization of traffic for slaughter”. It’s just ... how to say it ... I want those who, at least in words, fight for a high level of Russian freelance, at least in words, keep this level themselves.

    Thanks for attention.

    UPD. Judging by the comments, some believe that the questions asked here are not rhetorical. It's not about them. And in creating an environment in which it would be indecent to say one thing and do another. For this to become indecent, one needs to not only think about it, but also speak out loud.

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