AWS: RDS Micro Instances Now Available in VPC

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    More recently, RDS has become available on instances like t1.micro for free as part of the Free Tier package. And from today, these RDS instances are also available in VPC.

    Let me remind you that VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) is a separate virtual cloud, which is positioned as a private one. Resources can be assigned to networks and subnets, network interfaces, and much more. You can limit your servers from the entire Internet, thereby seriously increasing the security of resources.

    In order to add an RDS instance to an existing network, you must first create a DB subnet in the console:

    Note that at least 2 zones must be covered. This is done to create MultiAZ deals in VPC.

    After that, you need to create a Security Group for the VPC subnet:

    Well, when creating an instance, you need to specify the VPC subnet and the created Security Group:

    All the same manipulations are available in CLI utilities with the commands:
    $ rds-create-db-subnet-group
    $ rds-create-db-security-group 
    $ rds-create-db-instance

    Do you use VPC? A RDS to VPC?

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