New York Times will share archives for free

    Starting Wednesday, the New York Times website will make available to the public the archives of the paper version of the publication from 1851. Some publications published between 1923 and 1987, however, will remain available only on a paid basis. Thus, the NYT publisher abandoned the practice of providing paid access to its materials for subscribers, which previously brought them up to $ 10 million in revenue annually. This amount is planned to be more than reimbursed by advertising placed on the site.

    One of the oldest and most influential newspapers in the USA, NYT today has about 800,000 subscribers to its electronic version, 230,000 of which pay for this opportunity. For them, the cost of a subscription to the TimesSelect program, which provided access to all old issues of the publication, was $ 49.95 per year or $ 7.95 per month. For comparison, the annual subscription to the electronic version of the newspaper Vedomosti will cost you $ 180 today, the Financial Times - about $ 200.

    In addition to NYT, access to its materials on the site was limited and continues to be restricted only by the Wall Street Journal, published by the Dow Jones & Company. About 1 million readers are subscribed to the electronic version of WSJ today, which brings up to $ 65 million a year. But the Times managed to achieve much more impressive traffic to its site - 13 million readers a month, which is significantly more than anyone else. What increase the publication expects to receive due to the opening of archives is unknown. However, such a move was expected for a long time and was calmly received by the market without causing serious fluctuations in the newspaper’s stock quotes.

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