AOL sells a large patent package

    AOL announced its intention to sell a large patent package (approximately 800). Through the sale of this package, the company hopes to gain a significant amount of money. Interestingly, a little earlier, representatives of some companies who wished to acquire all AOL assets turned to the AOL management. But then it was not possible to agree. Perhaps the sale of part of the patents owned by the Internet company will help her find a way out of the crisis in which AOL has been for quite some time.

    Representatives of the company estimate the cost of their patent package at about $ 1 billion. The management claims that selling patents, in addition to money, will help focus on online advertising, which AOL now considers its core business. In addition, AOL is also working on such a direction as creating premium content. Not so long ago, this company bought several well-known blogs, including Techcrunch. A large resource such as the Huffington Post was also purchased.

    The sale of the company's patent package will be handled by the Evercore Partners investment fund, which AOL turned to for help. Experts believe that such large corporations as Microsoft, Google and others can and will be buyers of patents. Buying patents will help potential buyers gain some competitive advantages. In general, now it is a fairly common practice - to buy someone’s achievements, and then put pressure on competitors, forcing them to pay royalties.

    As for AOL, the future of this company’s business is still vague. Some experts believe that management acts conservatively, trying to regain its former status. However, some promising areas of work go unnoticed.

    Via bloomberg

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