WikiLeaks has published another batch of revealing classified documents

    Over 250 thousand letters of US diplomats have been announced. Correspondence includes data on the US foreign policy strategy in relation to many countries, corruption and a description of world leaders, including Russian ones. Most of the documents are dated from 2006 to February 2010.

    Judging by the publications, American diplomats in their reports to Washington called Russian President Dmitry Medvedev the political hostage of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. They describe President Medvedev as “Robin” in relation to “Batman” -Putin (meaning the film “Batman and Robin” from the series about a flying superhero). In this film, the bat man, previously acting alone, takes the younger and less experienced comrade Robin as his partner.

    Unclassified characteristics are given to world leaders in declassified documents. President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, as follows from the cover of the November 29 issue of Der Spiegel, who was placed at the disposal of journalists before going on sale, mentions “faded” and “indecisive” in the letters. Afghan President Hamid Karzai is described as "paranoid", and German leader Angela Merkel, allegedly, "avoids risks and rarely takes a creative approach." Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is compared with Adolf Hitler.

    The sneaky El Pais draws attention to the characterization of Vladimir Putin. The Russian Prime Minister is called the “leader of the pack” (in the original - alpha-dog, which many Russian media translated as “alpha male”) and a politician who adheres to authoritarian methods, whose personal leadership style compares him with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

    Putin’s “extremely close relationship” with Berlusconi, which American diplomats are concerned about, is quoted by The New York Times. Their manifestations are “generous gifts”, profitable energy contracts, as well as a “shadow” intermediary from Russian-speaking Italians. In 2009, diplomats noted that Silvio Berlusconi "is increasingly becoming a vehicle for Putin's interests in Europe."

    Statements of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev about the top Russian leadership were also made public. Declassified WikiLeaks materials state: Aliyev believes that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev does not “manage” his environment.

    Judging by the publications, the Azerbaijani leader said that he "saw it" - the decisions made by the Russian president require further approval. Ilham Aliyev suggests that this approval must be obtained “in the office of the Prime Minister”. “Many high-ranking officials do not recognize the leader in Dmitry Medvedev,” the president of Azerbaijan said. At the same time, he himself considers the head of the Russian state “an intellectual of a new generation”.

    The materials also refer to the existing confrontation between the teams of the president and prime minister of the Russian Federation, which, however, has not yet been observed between the participants of the Kremlin "tandem" themselves.

    As The Guardian newspaper found out from the transmitted letters, Saudi leaders secretly asked the US authorities to carry out an airstrike on Iran, and American diplomats were allegedly instructed to monitor the UN leadership.

    Among other data that may cause widespread resonance in the world are US plans to create a single state on the Korean peninsula after the fall of the DPRK and details about sponsors of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization from Saudi Arabia.

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