What in the field of IT interested the media for the year

    According to a study from the journalism.org project, which analyzed the topics of high-tech articles, one can judge how modern media see our digital age.
    Optimistic articles on the topic “hey, it will make our lives better” account for 23% of the total number of articles in the media from 2009 to 2010. Next, with 18% coverage, there are worried reports about the risks that new technologies pose for our privacy, and in particular about the dangers for our children.

    The difference between negative and positive opinions is surprisingly small. Thus, in society there are 2 polar opinions regarding everything new in technology. On the one hand, they are vital, exciting, cool, on the other - they follow us, our preferences, our children.

    The most discussed and widespread topic in the media was “the danger of using text messages while driving.” In second place is the launch of the latest Apple gadgets. At the very moment when we think that our favorite devices can do anything, Apple is releasing another that does the same and more.

    Speaking about Steve Jobs’s company, its “portrait” as a whole looks positive, and the company was discussed in the media much more often than others. 42% of discussions were held in a positive manner, talking about innovations and excellent products of the company. 27% are praise from the most dedicated fans. But 17% suggest that not everything is so rosy with Apple products.

    At Google, 25% of articles covered his achievements in helping people in the field of Internet search. But the company was twice as rare as Apple was described as having superior, innovative products.

    In terms of message volume, 15% of the articles were focused on Apple, 11% on Google, 7% and 5% were Twitter and Facebook respectively.

    The hottest topic for discussing Twitter was Twitter itself. Apple gained more attention than Google, Microsoft, and Facebook combined.

    Overall, technology accounted for 1.6% of all media events.

    You can learn more about the study on the Project for Excellence in Journalism website .

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