CNN recruits national journalists

    CNN, the largest broadcasting corporation in the USA and the second in the world, with an annual lag behind the first successful competitors, began to actively exploit the phenomenon, which is commonly called "popular journalism." The iReport portal , in its spirit, content and design, painfully similar to a dozen of its brothers, was opened a little more than a month ago in order to give everyone who wants to feel like a superstar of the report. Caught near the crash site of an airplane with a video camera? Filmed the heroic efforts of firefighters rescuing a neighbor from a house dying in a fire on the phone? Urgently send the material to us so that the whole nation knows about the event! Such calls us have ever heard more than once.

    However, the portal has a couple of highlights. First: the complete lack of pre-moderation of user content. Despite the principle of “removing the bad as quickly as possible”, getting into the news feed illegal photo and video materials is likely.

    The second feature: the presence of a certain analogue of the editorial council, which distributes topics by importance and gives out tasks to their coverage. This allows CNN to collect unique amateur material for its stories on broad topics like “Me and My Life” or, for example, stories about celebrity life.

    Service statistics say that over a month of work out of more than 100,000 downloaded videos and images, CNN used about 900 in its news releases on various channels. The efficiency is 0.9%, but apparently the media giant still believes that it’s worth it. After all, he does not bear almost any costs.

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