The struggle for attendance at business newspapers

    Vedomosti took seriously the traffic to its website :

    Business newspaper "Vedomosti" begins an action for registered users. Only for members of the Readers Club we open free access to paid site resources, to the newspaper archive. Each time you connect to the Internet, you will immediately receive the latest and current news of the business world of the country and the planet, will be aware of the main events and will be able to make the right and quick decisions.

    The main condition for free access to the archive of the Vedomosti business newspaper, where all the newspaper’s numbers are stored, starting from the very first one, is to register at the Readers Club and make the address the home page in your browser.

    Today they are not so much asking, just change their favorite home page. Remind me later to see how their statistics change .

    But just recently, they began to pay back to bloggers who link to their site through their own code with popularity: they introduced some kind of track-back analogue ( example ).

    And on New Year's Eve the "Video" section opened . A comparison of this section from Vedomosti and Kommersant can be found on my blog , as Habr does not support insertion of their video yet (or I did not learn) .

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