The METRO business model is alive!

    Metro International, the world's largest publisher of free newspapers, known for inventing the Metro business model, has returned to a state of operating profit as of December 2009. My August and October fears were not confirmed.
    The situation improved only after Metro cut its operating expenses by 13%, selling its assets in the USA, Portugal, Italy and closing in Spain. I also had to move the headquarters from London to Stockholm. And although the last quarter of last year showed profit, the company remained at a loss throughout the year.
    It is interesting to note that the income from online assets grew by 78%, but is still small - it amounted to only 500,000 €. For reference: last year, 357,000 € was spent on the operation of Internet assets, plus another 444,000 € per team. In 2009, expenditures in this area were reduced by 14%, but they nevertheless came up at the end of the year with expenses of 4.67 million €.
    Nevertheless, the company is not discouraged, because its daily audience is 17 million readers. Metro's special hopes and plans are associated with Russia and Brazil.

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