The main announcements of the first day of Facebook F8

    Yesterday the first day of the long-awaited F8 conference ended , at which Facebook announced several fairly radical changes in the services associated with the main social network. About them briefly - below.

    Facebook Messenger as a platform

    Now third-party developers have the opportunity to integrate their own applications directly into Facebook Messenger. The conference showed several applications already included in the Messenger communication platform, such as ESPN, which allows you to embed GIF images in the conversation.


    Integration of Facebook videos to third-party sites

    A serious innovation affected the video uploaded to the social network - now it can be embedded on any site, by analogy with YouTube video. For the largest social network, video is one of the main ways to increase audience engagement. Many experts say that hard times are coming for YouTube, as Facebook is interested in “picking up” the creators of the best video content on the web.

    LiveRail Advertising Platform

    Facebook already earns most of its revenue from advertising, and LiveRail’s mobile advertising platform aims to strengthen its social network position. LiveRail will allow advertisers to show the so-called “Native” advertisements and integrate them directly into the content flow on the page, making money on it. In fact, it is a direct competitor to the Google Double Click platform, which now dominates the online advertising industry.

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