Barclays, PayPal, Royal Mail and other companies have become GOV.UK Verify service providers.

Original author: Anh Nguyen
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The cabinet secretary of Great Britain announced that 5 companies have become GOV.UK Verify service providers: Barclays, GB Group, Morpho, PayPal and Royal Mail. Before them, the service providers were Post Office, Experian, Digidentity, and Verizon.

GOV.UK Verify works like this: citizens contact any company that is the provider of this service, and then they confirm their identity. This procedure is carried out only once and takes no more than 15 minutes.

Francis Maud, head of the UK Cabinet Office secretary, said: “We make it easy for everyone to verify their identity without creating a single database or introducing special cards. Our identification scheme allows a citizen to independently choose a service provider to whom he wants to entrust the identification procedure. ”

The Cabinet Secretariat insists that personal data is not stored centrally and is protected from potential use by companies.

The British government hopes that up to 80 percent of citizens will use the services of GOV.UK Verify.

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