Solomoto valued at $ 32-40 million


    The Solomoto platform , a tool for promoting small and medium-sized businesses on the Web, sold a quarter of its shares to several investment funds at a price of $ 8-10 million. Thus, the total price of the company is $ 32-40 million. Blumberg Capital was the largest investor in the transaction. According to the results of the transaction, the founders of the service retained a controlling stake, RBC reports .

    The platform itself was founded in April 2014 by the co-owner of Socialist, Pavel Romanovsky. Earlier, representatives of large and medium-sized companies repeatedly appealed to employees of Socialist Media with a request for help in promoting on social networks. However, Romanovsky’s company could do little to help businessmen who came to contact, as it was oriented towards large corporations and brands. Socialist services were too expensive for start-ups. After some time, Pavel came to the conclusion that it was worth opening a simple service for small companies that could work with such a tool on their own.

    Solomoto allows using one tool to manage the entire promotion company, including creating groups on social networks, managing groups, filling them with content and performing other operations. The project allows you to run several advertising campaigns at various sites at the same time, while the client receives detailed statistics on the results of the work. The cost of the service is not so high, and amounts to 25-85 rubles per day (excluding funds for promotion made by customers).

    Now Solomoto's customer base has 30 thousand users. Mostly, these are small companies, most of which work in Russia. 10% of clients work in other countries, including the CIS, Germany and Israel. According to Paul, by the end of 2015, Solomoto will already have about 100 thousand users from all over the world. The average monthly payment per client is 1,000 rubles or more. According to RBC experts, the revenue of the service can be from 5 million rubles. per month.

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