Payler Business in Europe or how to turn the crisis in your favor

    Friends, we have entered the European market and are in a hurry to share our experience with you. About why it is necessary to develop precisely in a crisis and where to start European expansion - read under the cut.

    By tradition, let's start with the news. Three main events of March :

    1. NII KPU - a research institute of corporate and project management - acquired 3% of Payler for $ 1mn .
    The research institute consists of experts and employees who participated on the client side in automation projects, the processing industry, and construction of facilities in companies such as Gazprom, Sberbank, Rosneft, etc., and now have come together to create a unique national school of project and corporate governance.
    The company also owns its own print edition of Management Practice, and more recently, we are part of its expert council on payment systems.
    2. Now Payler provides services to banks . Today our partners are Nota Bank and Transstroibank, which connect their customers to Internet acquiring using Payler processing.
    3. European acquiring from Payler is provided by the Latvian Rietum Bank and Pasta Bank. A few days ago, we signed cooperation agreements and are currently actively integrating.

    In general, the European market is a milestone for any developing company. Payler can now help achieve this goal. But first, a little background .

    Less than a year ago - May 1, 2014 - we celebrated the official launch of the then simply Payler payment gateway. We had one client and very ambitious plans. We continued to work on our products and services while the waves of the crisis rolled with ever new vigor - at first we buckwheat from the shelves, then the TVs ... But we continued to work.

    There was a great chance to succumb to mass hysteria and stop the development of their projects until better times. There were rumors of financial instability, ecommerce lost 30% of sales, sanctions and global stagnation appeared. But the truth is that all this not only did not stop technological progress, but also contributed to its development - startups continued to multiply, gadgets - to be released, applications - to be downloaded. The conclusion timidly begs - it turns out that there is no crisis in the field of IT?

    We at Payler are of this opinion. Crisis is emotions that hinder a sober assessment of the situation .
    This concludes the lyric part.

    I have a business in Russia, I want to enter the European market. What to do?

    If you are asking this question - congratulations! So, you also think that the crisis is the best time for development and a great opportunity to get ahead of competitors at a sharp turn.
    Now for the implementation of this goal you only need to call / write to us. What we offer:

    1. At the initial stage, we will consult for free on the legitimacy of various schemes of work - including abroad - and find the right scheme for your business.
    2. Next, we will assist directly with the company entering the European market : we will help with the registration of the company abroad and opening an account with a European bank.
    3. Connecting a business to Internet acquiring from a European bank takes 2-3 weeks. In this case, you only need to sign the contract in Moscow , in the presence of our representative.

    And if you are still in doubt, here are three reasons in favor of development during the crisis:

    1. Most likely, your competitors will not decide on this step. It’s sad, but true: most companies believe in a crisis and do not even want to hear about radical development.
    2. As a result, timid and weak players will gradually lose their positions. This means that the niche will become freer and you can expand your influence in the industry.
    3. Already believe that strengthening positions in a crisis is a reality? If yes, then your development better not obstructed .

    We will be happy to answer all your questions and help with advice at

    Do not stop there, all the frames are only in your head. :)
    Your Payler

    Join us!

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