John Z. Sonmez: Soft Skills. A book about how to arrange your life

This happens infrequently, but the book clearly follows its name - this is a very detailed guide for programmers. How to build a successful career? How to start your own business? How to learn effectively? And horror, horror, even how to find your soul mate.

Most of all captivates the honesty of the author. Sonmenz advises only that he tried it himself and "without cuts" talks about his results. Very good. For example, saying that he was able to “retire” at 33, he explains in detail how it happened. He was able to live on income from renting real estate, which he bought for the purpose of investment. And he saved up on it for a long time and hard, leading a very modest life.

And in the book there is almost no “water” - everything is short and to the point. This is its main drawback. If you want thorough details, you need to read other books, since the whole chapter is devoted to recommended literature. But as a motivator she is beautiful. Personally, after her, I started blogging in a completely different way.

Notes while reading (my translation):

  • Think of yourself as a business. What services can you offer? How to improve these services? How to retain and expand your customer base.
  • Set goals, and break them down into small, specific tasks. Set goals for - day, week, month, quarter, year.
  • You need to communicate with people. Even programmers communicate more often with people than with programs.
  • Respect the opinions of others. Argumentation is often inappropriate. All people are emotional.
  • The best way to go through an interview is to get to know about it before you. Write a blog, communicate with developers, comment.
  • Choose a specialization and develop it. To know a little of everything is not productive.
  • To be a professional is to take responsibility and be able to say no. For example, do not roll out the release on Friday.
  • Self-employment requires much greater efforts to maintain the same level of income.
  • Fake it till you make it - imagine success in advance. This is a good way to start doing a difficult job.

  • Blogging is the best way to make you more visible to the employer. Take it regularly, covering interesting topics. Think of the readers.
  • The primary goal is to be valuable to others.
  • Do not be afraid to look like an idiot - this is the price of publicity. Only in this way can one take responsibility, become better and achieve more.

  • The most effective and fastest learning is practice.
  • Find a teacher. The easiest way is to help him for free. Then the person will agree to spend his time on you.
  • Learning other people helps structure your thoughts.
  • Find and bridge gaps in your knowledge. It will become easier to learn new technologies - they are built on the basis of others.
  • 10 training steps:
  • Look at the whole area.
  • Determine the amount of work.
  • Determine the time of completion.
  • Find the sources.
  • Create a training plan.
  • Select only the necessary.
  • Learn enough to start using.
  • Use, play, create small projects.
  • Learn enough to do useful things.
  • Teach.

  • The most important thing in productivity is focus.
  • Always write a plan. No goal - no result.
  • Technique Pomodoro - 25 minutes working 5 minutes rest, after 4 intervals rest 15 minutes.
  • Turn repetitive affairs into a routine.
  • Set strict limits - for example, 5 pages of text per day.
  • Without rest there will be no productive work, rest.
  • As a rule, it is best to take action and then make adjustments. Instead of planning for a long time and finally not starting

  • Most importantly, always spend less than you earn.
  • Two types of investments - in stocks and real estate.
  • Investments are profitable in the long run - from several years.
  • Stocks and options are both interesting and not so difficult.
  • With inflation, credit is beneficial because the purchasing power of money is falling.

  • It’s not only good for the body to do, it improves creativity and productivity.
  • The right amount of calories is easiest to calculate through the MBR.
  • On the strength - from 1 to 6 repetitions in the approach. On relief - from 8 to 12. On endurance - above 12.
  • Cubes are made not in the gym, but in the kitchen.

  • Being an optimist helps a lot in life.
  • One has to learn to face “face to face” troubles.
  • Love is a game. There is not enough interest in one; it must be mutual. It is necessary to interest the partner and involve him in the game.

The part about relationships, especially with the opposite sex, reminded me of one extremely truthful article - a manual on nerds . Everything to the point.

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