Increase page conversion on the App Store and Google Play with A / B tests

    Each mobile publisher or developer, when downloading his application or game, sooner or later the question arises - which icon, which screenshots, which descriptions to choose so that the page works as efficiently as possible.

    We at S plitMetrics do A / B testing Landing for games and applications from the App Store and Google Play and in the process over the product have seen various approaches to solving this problem. There is a desire to organize the options and figure out why you need to look to vyaschenny grail most effective combination.

    It's no secret that advertising campaigns for mobile applications or games are becoming more expensive, CPI is growing, and the growth of new smartphone users is slowing down. Therefore, the more your page brings new users, the cheaper the installation costs you, the higher your rating, etc.

    There are several ways to solve the problem of choosing the most “selling” icon or screenshots - I propose to consider each of them and add in the comments - which one do you use ...

    1. Ask the team, friends, acquaintances, relatives

    Perhaps one of the most common ways to conduct a micro test. You already have several creative options in digital or printed form that mimic a page on the App Store and Google Play. You come to everyone on the way with a request to choose what you like and write the answer in the table.

    Pros - for free.
    Cons - it takes a lot of time, the audience is not always targeted, a small audience coverage. Relevance - if the goal is to find a really working combination, then rely on the data of such a test is not worth it.

    2. Invite a focus group

    In fact - a variation of the first paragraph, but with emphasis on sample quality. Participants in the focus group are selected based on certain criteria relevant to your game or application.

    Pros - the quality of the sample is significantly higher.
    Cons - it requires a lot of time and money to organize and conduct a focus group. Being in unusual conditions, members of the group can make biased choices.
    Relevance - with correctly calculated group size, relevance is quite high. The analysis, interpretation and correct extrapolation of the collected data is highly dependent on the level of the analyst.

    3. Make some banners and run an advertising campaign

    More advanced developers understand all the shortcomings of the first methods and try to maximize the reach of the audience for the A / B test. Having made several options for banners with various icons, you can create an advertising campaign and buy clicks. By comparing the CTR of all options, you can choose the best.

    Pros - the audience sample size depends only on your budget, targeting settings allow you to choose an audience according to your interests.
    Cons - you can’t always make a banner look like a page on the App Store. If there are several options for each element (icon, screenshots, screenshot order), the development of a large number of banners takes time, and a budget for an advertising campaign is required.
    Relevance is quite high.

    4. Make your own script for landing pages and run an advertising campaign

    A true growth-hacker knows that guessing is the wrong way. The knowledge of the Tao of conversion comes through regular meditations on indicators in conditions as similar as possible to combat ones. To do this, you can develop your own script for generating landings based on the available options. With the help of such solutions, the process of creating landings is significantly reduced, and they themselves may look similar to a real app. Ready-made creatives must be uploaded to the server and an advertising campaign launched on the landing.

    Pros - the speed of creating banners and landing pages, the page looks similar to the App Store, therefore the relevance of the results is high.
    Minuses- programming skills or an additional development budget are required, time is required to develop and maintain the service. Separately, you may need to configure the server, since the loading speed of the landing page in different countries can directly affect the test results.
    Relevance is high. Proper targeting and page similarity make it possible to judge the relevance of test results.

    5. To use an automated platform for A / B testing of landing pages

    Pluses - the highest possible speed of creating landings, the high degree of similarity of the page
    on the app, a large selection of reports, the lack of development and maintenance costs.
    Cons - free functionality has limitations; not all platforms may be supported.
    Relevance is high. As a rule, services monitor all changes in the design and layout of pages in the App Store and try to update the service in a timely manner for maximum compliance.
    Reports, segmentation of results, data visualization simplify analysis and decision making.

    In the world of ASO, it is customary to be attentive to any little things that can change the conversion and increase organic plants. In the next article I will try to describe the available methods for analyzing reviews, why it is necessary and how you can simplify the work ...

    I will be glad to know what except keywords, landing pages and reviews you pay attention to - I invite you to comment.

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