37 tools to increase conversion and sales

The goal of a business is to make money, and all company processes must be subordinate to it. Our selection today contains tools that will be useful to entrepreneurs, marketers, and Growth Hacking specialists - we present you 37 tools to increase conversion and sales growth .

Analytical tools

  • Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools that allows you to track all the stages through which the client goes through on the way to purchase;
  • KISSMetrics - Google Analytics says what’s going on, and KISSmetrics explains who does the action;
  • Mixpanel allows you to receive data about what users do in the application - only actions, not “views”;
  • Geckoboard helps use data to improve business performance and increase employee motivation;
  • Woopra - a tool for receiving real-time reports on user behavior on the site or in the application, the involvement of each individual person;
  • Omniture / Adobe Marketing Cloud - a set of tools for online marketing from Adobe;
  • Clicky - real-time analytics;
  • Adobe Analytics is a tool that allows you to use data about customer behavior (including offline) to build reports, comparisons and visualizations of the full cycle of the client’s path.


  • Qualaroo - analytic services say what visitors do on the site; Qualaroo says why;
  • Survey.io - Create User Surveys
  • Survey Monkey - The most popular tool for conducting online surveys;
  • Olark - software for communicating with customers in online chat;
  • SessionCom - heatmaps , session analysis and construction of conversion funnels;
  • Inspectlet - analysis of user behavior on the site, eye-tracking and building heatmaps, “screen capture” (recording user sessions) and analytics of user interaction with the interface;
  • iPerceptions - a tool for conducting surveys of users leaving the site;
  • ClickTale - analytics of user engagement, the effectiveness of online forms and the effectiveness of content on web pages;
  • CrazyEgg - a service for building heatmaps of how users scroll pages and where they look at them;
  • UserTesting - allows you to record video of how representatives of the target audience use the site or application (with sound);
  • FiveSecondTest analyzes the site design and provides recommendations for optimizing landing pages and calls to action;
  • Silverback helps designers and developers conduct usability testing (version 3.0 in development, version 2.0 is available for free, but is not supported by developers).


  • Optimizely - a tool to increase engagement, quality of interactions and, as a result, conversion;
  • Unbounce allows marketers to create, publish and conduct A / B tests of landing pages without the involvement of IT professionals;
  • Ion - a software platform for testing the effectiveness of digital content;
  • Visual Website Optimizer - software for conducting A / B tests of web and landing pages, as well as online stores.
  • AppsFlyer - a service for tracking conversions and installations of mobile applications;
  • Adobe Target helps marketers conduct automated tests of digital content;
  • Yozio was created for companies seeking to learn more about users of their mobile applications in order to increase audience engagement, return rate and user revenue;
  • Qubit - a platform for testing e-commerce sites;
  • Webpagetest allows you to quickly test the speed of the site.

Boost sales and lead generation

  • Perezvoni.com - a smart callback widget that allows you to increase conversions by tens of percent using phone calls , analyzing users using 9 different metrics (including search queries );
  • LaunchRock is used to create pages for subscribing to news about the opening of the site, which allows you to collect contacts of potential customers before you start your resource;
  • Witget.com - a set of widgets for collecting contacts, ordering callbacks, invitations to communities, etc .;
  • Google Keyword Planner helps you find promising new word combinations in search queries to increase conversions and sales;
  • PadiAct - a behavioral targeting service for mailing lists;
  • Yagla.ru - a system that changes the content on a site page depending on the user's search query;
  • HubSpot's Marketing Grader helps marketers get professional feedback on their results.

Of course, this list cannot be considered fully exhaustive - feel free to supplement it in the comments and share your own interesting tools!

PS If you notice an error, typo or broken link - write in a personal message, and we will quickly fix it.

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