Google Ventures in search of immortality

    In an interview with Bloomberg, Bill Maris said that he received $ 425 million in investment freedom this year. To spend this money, he is looking for companies working in the medical field to extend their lifespan.
    Forty-year-old president and managing partner of Google Ventures, a neuroscientist by training, Ray Kurzweil’s friend and active supporter in his futuristic theories of the indispensable singularity. They believe that in the near future technological evolution will certainly await us, by transforming the biological foundations of human existence as a species, using nanorobots and other machines that will improve our anatomical features and change the very essence of human nature - our DNA. As a result, we will all begin to live much longer and better. In an interview, Bill said that modern research suggests that the biological potential of a person can live up to five hundred years.

    And at the moment, the company is looking for start-ups that study the aging process, develop vaccines and extend the life of a person.

    According to Maris, to reach this age, a person will need special machines that will support life for decades. On the one hand, such a future may seem to many a terrible nightmare from science fiction films, but as the company believes this is inevitable. Therefore, Google spends such money to implement the most ambitious plans in this area.

    Today, Google Ventures already manages a portfolio of $ 2 billion, with a share of more than 280 startups.

    According to data compiled by CB Insights, a research firm that monitors enterprise investment, last year Google Ventures ranked fourth among the most active US firms in 87 deals.

    Google Ventures was founded in 2009. Among the projects supported by the company, in particular, include a Uber taxi call service and a platform that allows you to advertise products in applications for Namo Media smartphones. Here is a small infographic describing a company’s portfolio.
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