Why you should ignore some time saving tips

Original author: Laura Vanderkam
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Want to maximize your time? Do not let yourself be fooled - 10 minutes that you are trying to save in the morning on the road may not be worth the effort if you do not know what they are for. Today we will share with you the translation of an article from Laura Vanderkam. Is it worth saving time and, most importantly, what to spend it on?

I love time saving tipsjust like the others. I cut out recipes that only take 20 minutes to cook. I spent a lot of mental energy figuring out how to quickly unload the dishwasher.

Recently, I talked with a publication that wanted to help readers save time on everyday activities so that they could find time for exercise.

Here are some ideas for saving time. A more comfortable wardrobe gives you 2 minutes. Coffee brewed at home allows you to walk past a coffee shop and gives about another 5 minutes.

If you have an obsession with saving time, it all makes sense. But after thinking about this, I realized that there are unlikely to be many people who will come to work 7 minutes earlier, add 7 more minutes saved on lunch time, add 8 more minutes thanks to the use of hot keys, and use these 20 minutes for training.

If most of us try to get to work 7 minutes earlier, we can spend these minutes checking email. But let's be honest - we could spend our whole lives checking mail. What is the matter? When we have small pieces of free time, we do not fill them with what we should.

Two ways to save time

You can find a million ways to save minutes, but if you save time, you won’t build the life you want. First you need to create the life of your dreams, and then time saves itself.

That's why I like two different approaches to time. Instead of trying to save a little time here and there, first ask yourself what exactly you are saving this time for. Make a list of tasks that you would like to do more often in life.
  • Maybe it's gym visits?
  • Maybe it's spending time with friends?

Add this activity to your schedule at least once a week - ideally in such a way that it is impossible to evade it.

If you like to watch basketball, and you buy tickets for the game, the chances are that you will dodge as you like to get there in advance. You will naturally end your meetings earlier and will not start complex business after 5 p.m.

Focus on the important. It’s good to look for a way to quickly unload the dishwasher, but better keep track of your time for a couple of days and honestly decide what does not bring value to your life .

Do you watch nightly TV shows that you are not interested in? Better go to bed earlier and get up earlier.

Do you go on weekends for purchases that could deliver to you? This time could be spent on a hobby or spent with family.

Sometimes, in pursuit of saving a few minutes, we do not notice the big picture. Two minutes saved will not give you anything. Cancel the weekly two-hour meeting, which has long been no longer useful? It really makes sense.

PS If you decide to save time for your favorite activities, we recommend that you read the article - The Secret on How to Do Everything on Time

Translated by - Vyacheslav Davidenko, Founder of MBA Consult

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