EBay Launches Pulsar Open Source Tool for Taming Big Data

    A huge amount of unstructured information is a problem for eBay, a competent solution of which will allow you to personalize content, find fraudsters and increase profits. Therefore, the company's engineers created a new tool for processing Pulsar big data.

    The tool is available to everyone under an open source license, right now it is on GitHub .


    Google solves big data problems with its proprietary streaming system, as Microsoft, Twitter and LinkedIn do. Now companies with large-scale data also have an open tool from eBay.

    Pulsar is designed to collect and use information in real time, which allows the system to respond to user actions within a few seconds. The system integrates with existing open source tools, such as the Cassandra NoSQL database.

    Details of the Pulsar.

    Pulsar Deployment Architecture


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