10 news of this day

    Thursday is a productive day.
    Considering the amount of incoming information and to save your time, we have collected the 10 most important news for today.

    1. YouTube, despite a billion visits over the past year, is still not profitable. Sources say the resource is restructuring its direct user engagement strategy. All this is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

    2. Apple iPad sales are falling. According to the latest Strategy Analytics data , iPad's share of the tablet market has declined by 20% compared to last year.

    3. Google launched Android for Work , a package of services designed primarily for corporate clients on the mobile OS.

    4. Samsung freezes salaries for the first time since 2009 - the company’s profit is falling, reports Business Insider with reference to Reuters.

    5. The German edition of BILD announces the meeting of Apple CEO Tim Cook with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    6. Google is merging its own units in Europe. The Financial Times believes that this is a response to the concerns of the monopolization of the market by the search giant on the part of representatives of the European Commission.

    7. Bank of America predicts a 70% drop in Tesla shares.

    8. From the source Apple Insider became knownthat Apple chief designer Johnny Ive and Tesla founder Elon Musk spent half an hour talking intensively at Madonna’s private party after the Academy Award ceremony.

    9. Samsung Galaxy S6 has not yet appeared on sale, but it is already generating news - Ars Technica announces possible prices for the new Korean flagship smartphone line from Samsung, indicates a curved screen (for extra money).

    10. Google plans to build a new office, which will house the company's headquarters, in California's Mountain View. About it - in a fresh column of the New York Times.

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