Mark Mayo will become the head of the new division of Mozilla

    Mozilla has created a new division consisting of Cloud, Desktop, and Mobile groups. In the same unit, work on the Firefox browser will continue. Mark Mayo, who has a lot of experience in cloud computing, has been named Chief Developer.

    Mozilla announced the new appointment and establishment of the division in parallel. These two events certainly depend on each other. Mark joined the company in 2011 and was the leader of the cloud services development team for 4 years. According to the Mozilla press center , Mark has strategic thinking, the necessary experience of an IT leader and many other positive qualities that will enable him to make Firefox and related services the best and safest in the world.


    “I love to understand the essence of things and make them better,” Mark writes on LinkedIn .

    Before he was invited to Mozilla, Mayo was an employee of the Canadian company Chloi, developing the Node.js engine. And at Joyent, he served as chief technology officer.

    From 2009 to 2010, Mark was the leader of the Emerson project team, where the Trellis platform was developed, which was supposed to serve to manage data centers.

    Moreover, Marc Mayo himself founded two companies: the consulting agency Permeta, which has been the managing director for 19 years, and Faction Lab, which is developing a platform for sites with flash sales.

    Therefore, there is no doubt that such a personnel reshuffle in the company was justified and gives hope for the best.

    Nevertheless, do not discount the fact that the existing chief developer of the Firefox project Jonathan Nightingale announced at the end of March his intention to resign. The reason for this decision is not the behind-the-scenes intrigue or the impending death of the browser. According to Nightingale, he simply decided to devote more time to his family.

    What will happen next with Firefox is unknown. Now you can only assess the current situation. According to StatCounter statistics, it ranks third in the world among desktop browsers: Google Chrome's market share is 48.2%, Microsoft Internet Explorer - 19.3%, Firefox's share is 17%.

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