Sberbank Fund and other investors invested $ 6.5 million in financial startup Mobeewave

    The Sberbank venture capital fund, together with other investors, invested $ 6.5 million in the Canadian company Mobeewave, RBC reports . Mobeewave technology turns an NFC smartphone into a payment terminal.

    The first round of investment in Mobeewave is completed. The largest investor was Ford STB, a venture capital fund of Sberbank of Russia. The managing partner of the fund, Mircea Mihaescu, explained that in the USA the ratio of contactless cards and terminals is 600 to 1 - this explains the interest in Mobeewave technology.

    In the world at the moment there are 8.7 million payment terminals with the possibility of contactless payment from a card. At the same time, 4.2 billion cards will be released by the end of 2018. Mobeewave technology allows you to use the smartphone with NFC as a terminal for receiving payments using the application. According to data from February 17, 2015, NFC supports about 300 smartphones.

    $ 100 million SBT venture fund was created by Sberbank of Russia in 2012. In July 2013, the fund made its first investment by investing $ 12 million in Sequent Software.

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