Smartphone sales this year will not rise, but will not fall

    RBC, citing Moscow-based IDC analyst Simon Baker, said that in 2015 the volume of smartphones sold will remain at the same level. Recall - according to the results of the past, 2014, smartphone sales in Russia grew by 46% and reached 27 million units.

    In an interview with Bloomberg, the analyst talks about the upcoming shift in demand towards Android phones and the gradual abandonment of Apple products. This is due primarily to the depreciation of the ruble:
    “We expect Apple to fall after the boom,” he said. - Cheaper Android phones will no doubt sell better this year, as consumers will cut costs.

    IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker shows that last year Apple doubled its iPhone shipments to Russia to 3.25 million units, and the company's revenue amounted to $ 2.14 billion (against $ 1.08 billion in 2013). Despite the fact that over the past 3 months of 2014, Apple increased the price of smartphones by almost 70%. Samsung, on the contrary, avoided a sharp increase in device prices by selling 6.05 million smartphones, but lost to Apple in revenue.

    In 2015, only one manufacturer is expected to decline in sales - Apple. Cheaper Android devices are expected to be in high demand.

    Last year, Lenovo, LG Electronics and Sony also increased their shares in the Russian smartphone market. Lenovo took the last place in terms of sales - 2.22 million units, and Sony - the third place in revenue with $ 425 million.

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