Regional Small and Medium Business in IT - 2

    In continuation of the previous publication , we will consider several more types of companies before moving on to some conclusions and suggestions on project management, optimization of business processes, etc.

    The companies that will be discussed, unlike the heroes of the previous article, are not directly related to the IT sector, however, observations and conclusions in this area were made in the process of implementing information projects, which will help in the future to form an overall picture.
    One can consider the publication as an informal lyrical digression.

    So, the third group of regional medium-sized business entities (small ones are no longer here) is rather diverse, both in composition and in their activity, but at the same time it has unifying group features.

    This group includes numerous regional production, distribution and trading companies, founded in the 80-90s. local entrepreneurial in a good way.

    In general, companies have long and firmly stood on their feet, which, however, was preceded by certain stories. Someone, due to their proximity to the “bosses” of that time, could gain access to financial, administrative or informal opportunities, for example, Soviet sports (and evil languages ​​say that sports topics in Soviet times were probably one of the mafia ones).
    Someone could start with enthusiasm during the years of perestroika for semi-underground karate with subsequent friendly, on the basis of common interests, ties with the "siloviki". Now such citizens can very well help young people to join the sport, being honorary participants in martial arts federations, or change their lives for the better by nominating themselves as deputies.

    Since these companies, unlike those considered earlier, initially did not have a powerful economic topic that could be saddled, many of them initially took on a lot, until they found something “their own”.

    Trading companies could start with a shuttle business, continue trading in household appliances, while simultaneously conducting their own banking business (there’s a separate discussion here), and finally stop on the distribution of medicines, consistently for many years entering the official rating of the “largest inter-regional”, including permanent participation in very large government programs.

    Having risen on their feet, some companies may prefer to continue working in several areas: it may be the simultaneous production of dairy products, furniture, the implementation of judicial “confiscation”, combined even with promotion to the regional policy, which ensures good diversification of business and risks.
    Someone initially started with just one thing (the same furniture), gradually increasing production, creating a sales system for products and capturing new markets (federal market, near and far abroad).

    And someone just makes life sweeter and more comfortable by distributing sweets or plumbing.

    All these companies “survived”, including heavy losses, and now their founding fathers are very wealthy and respected people.

    But we will talk about the state of business, organizational and production processes among the heroes of today's post .

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