Intel Xeon, E-class

    The Intel Xeon family has been enriched with a new class of processors with an E index. For those who have missed it a bit: the current E has nothing to do with the past E3, E5 and E7, but represents the first letter of the word Essential. When launching the Xeon Scalable line last year , it was also stipulated that its Xeon-new range would not be exhausted. Among others, the “E-class” for entry-level servers and workstations was also mentioned. A few months ago, the first Xeon E ( two pieces ), designed for portable computers, appeared, and now there are 10 new products at once .

    By the way, there is also news about Xeon Scalable - about them at the very end.

    New items belong to the latest generation of Coffee Lake. As you remember, the synchronization of the Xeon and Core lines was one of the principal points of the Scalable program. Previously, server processors lagged one or more generations, and unevenly across the width of the line. Now this is over - full of Feng Shui in the processor rows.

    E-series is designed for use in single-socket servers and personal computers, it has both server and consumer functionality. From the point of view of nepotism, the main characteristics of the series are as follows.

    Kernels / Threads Up to 6 cores / 12 threads
    Maximum base frequency 3.8 GHz
    Maximum frequency Turbo Boost 4.7 GHz
    Cache Up to 12 MB Intel Smart Cache
    Performance Technologies Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 Technology, Intel Hyper-Threading Technology
    Built-in graphics Intel UHD Graphics P630 (up to 128 GB of video memory)
    Thermal Design Point (TDP) Up to 95 W
    Socket LGA-1151
    Memory 2-channel DDR4 ECC 2666 MHz, 2 DIMMs per channel
    Maximum memory capacity 128 GB
    Chipset Intel C246
    Input OutputPCI Express 3.0 - up to 40 lines (CPU + chipset),
    USB 3.1 - up to 6 ports,
    USB 3.0 - up to 10 ports,
    SATA 3.0 - up to 8 ports,
    DMI - up to 4 lines, Gen 3
    Intel Optane support Yes
    Virtualization support VT-x, VT-d, EPT
    Now about the same in more detail.

    Please pay attention to the cost of processors. Yes, this is another new opportunity to purchase Xeon for the price of Core. Xeon processors of the initial level have historically been actively used in various kinds of “almost servers” and DIY platforms, especially in versions with low power consumption. Now all the benefits of the ninth generation are available to you at an affordable price. More detailed information about the family, including the Turbo Boost core matrix and graphics subsystem features, can be found in the Intel document .

    Now the promised second news. If you look closely at CDRV, there is a mention of high-performance Cascade Lake processors. This is the future heavy artillery in the Xeon series - processors for complex computational tasks and fast data exchange. The flagship of the line will have 48 cores and support 12-channel memory. Information about the next "very, very" Intel processor will appear in the very near future.

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