Amazon leaves Crimea after eBay, PayPal and GoDaddy

    The other day, Amazon sent a message to users living in Crimea about the need to delete their accounts before February 13. If the user does not do this voluntarily, the company reserves the right to forcibly delete the account.

    “Your AWS account has a registered billing address in the Crimea region. Due to economic sanctions recently announced by the United States government that prohibit the export or delivery of services to Crimea, you must remove all resources from AWS and close your AWS account at 12:00 p.m. PST on Friday, February 13, 2015, ” the letter says.

    It is worth noting that previously Adsense services from Google, the domain registrar and GoDaddy hoster, as well as eBay, ceased to work in Crimea. In addition, Apple sent its partners from Crimea a notice of termination of their work in the region, and Crimean accounts were blocked in the Apple App Store.

    One of the first companies to stop working with Crimea was PayPal, which also blocked user accounts. And before the beginning of 2015, in December 2014, they stopped servicing their cards for Crimean banks Visa and MasterCard.

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