Do you have a lot of money? We won’t go to you anyway!

    This is the answer to the article. Do you have a lot of money? Then we go to you!

    I would like to analyze the situation with the search and hiring of personnel in more detail, maybe this information will be new for someone.
    First, let’s try to formulate the main problem (see the original article): “We need to find competent, professional and loyal PHP developers with deep knowledge, well, or at least an understanding of how applications and DBMS work under high loads in Dnepropetrovsk. The amount of remuneration is limited to 2.5 K $. "
    How do you like this task? For strength?

    In fact, it is not clear. Take up the study of the market.

    Unfortunately, (although I admit not particularly, I was looking for) I do not have data on the labor market of Dnepropetrovsk.
    But there is data on Perm (These are two different cities! And generally different countries! - yeah ... I know, but the population is about the same amount. On my side is the law of large numbers and copyright.)

    Disclaimer: All the numbers, well, almost all, were invented by me only to illustrate the principle. In real life, take real numbers.

    According to this schedule, taken from on March 13 in the field of “Information Technologies”, Perm, we have:
    562 resumes; 550 vacancies; ratio: 1.02.

    We see that the number of vacancies is approximately equal to the number of resumes (and yes it is throughout the industry, in development I think things are even worse). Remember this fact. By the way, this answers a good question about high wages.

    Next, take such a cool thing as a sales funnel and apply it to our problem.
    That is, we take the initial volume of specialists in the market and consistently apply our requirements to them, thereby filtering the market for applicants.

    Wow ... that is, out of all 150 developers, only 2 of us fully satisfy our requirements i.e. exactly 1.3%.

    And now the creative task: how to make this 1.3% come to work for us?
    How does he know that we need him?
    And does he know anything about the company at all?
    Can we offer him something unique?

    At the same time, we do not forget that we still have a bunch of companies somewhere nearby, eager to hire programmers.

    There are several solutions:

    Solution"Forehead" :
    • We remove part of the requirements, respectively, rise higher and already the percentage of satisfying us in terms of professional qualities: ~ 16%. Now fine.
    • We ask the management to increase remuneration and thereby stand out from that crowd of recruiters so that our desired 1.3% finds us.

    More subtle ways:
    • PR of the company and its projects + creation of a creative atmosphere. Those. we compensate for the lack of money with excellent conditions: social. A package, a company car, a coffee maker - yes, anything. And you can also have a super bonus - a free schedule. Once a week only appear on the planning board.
    • Search outside the market for job seekers. Usual headhunting. You can even give money for a good recommendation.
    • Take students, trainees and train them.
    • Look for cool professionals among other programming languages. Maybe there is an uncle who in Python gets along well with MongoDB and wants to learn something new.
    • Specialists from other cities, freelancers, Indians :).

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