Male psychology in programming

    Programming employs far more men than women. You can’t argue with this fact, so any leader needs to consider the psychology of men in programming.

    Let us turn to ancient times, when a man hunted mammoths, and women sat at home, gave birth to children and cooked food. To hunt, a man prepared for a very long time, sharpened an ax, prepared arrows and a bow. Then he sat in ambush for a long time and finally fired or struck. This feature of behavior has transformed and has survived to the present day. A man is distinguished by the ability to increase concentration on the work performed. This is a big plus and a big minus. Unlike a woman, a man cannot do several things at once.

    The first conclusion follows: provide the programmer with the opportunity to be alone for a long time and not distract him from work.

    After a long sitting, the hunter showed miracles of valor and courage. 2nd conclusion: provide the opportunity to recognize the achievements of the programmer within the organization. It is necessary to organize periodical gatherings where programmers will discuss technologies and show themselves to others.

    When the hunter shoots and misses, he will be seriously disappointed. Any failure and censure a man takes to heart and experiences much more than a woman. 3rd conclusion. You do not need to constantly tell the programmer that he is doing something wrong or wrong. If you want to point out a mistake, do not do it publicly.

    As a result of the psychology of the long preparation for the shot, the idea of ​​the waterfall principle of project management was born. Smart people, instead of the waterfall process, came up with Agile methodologies that provide for the release of the product in a more frequent way. If it takes too long to prepare, the mammoth will run away.
    4th conclusion: do not stretch product release periods too much.
    5th conclusion: do not make the product immediately too complicated, increase the complexity gradually.

    Due to the innate ability to concentrate, often a novice programmer cannot organize himself and cope when he is given several tasks at the same time, or the task is not clearly formulated.
    6th conclusion. Give the programmer specific tasks, organize tasks in the task accounting system.

    Another feature of male thinking, which clearly does not follow from the mammoth example, is that a man learns the world through action. Psychologists have long noticed this peculiarity in boys and concluded that boys of preschool age and in the elementary grades practically do not absorb what they are told. Only when he perform some action, then they know the subject. It turns out that our educational system does not take into account male psychology, but this is a separate topic of conversation, but for now the 7th conclusion. Teach programmers through practice. You can organize lectures on programming, but only by performing any specific tasks, programmers will learn to do their job.

    Do not think that the opposite rules must be applied to women. If B follows from A, then this does not mean that B does not follow from B. It is not

    possible for those who wish to familiarize themselves with this topic in detail.
    For example, regarding child psychology, “Unusual in the ordinary, unusual in the familiar ... About boys.” I immediately warn you that this book is not on the Internet.

    UPDATE It is quite interesting that in the course of the discussion of the article, its rating first fell below zero, and now with a significant margin in the black.
    Here is what I would like to say disagree: you do not need to think that each article should have strictly substantiated scientific evidence. This article has a different genre, and scientific research is not a Habr format. It is very strange to meet comments that this is complete nonsense, along with comments that these are all obvious facts.
    As Niels Bohr said, the opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of deep truth can be another deep truth. If the article provokes such heated debate, it means that the thought in this article refers precisely to the latter.

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