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    Some time ago, the article The most terrible job interview in my life appeared on the hub , which talked about the concept of a stressful interview. I wanted to collect more information about him to fully cover the issue.
    A stress interview is an interview in which they try to unbalance a candidate, put him in a situation where he feels uncomfortable or just do something that the applicant is not ready for.

    An experiment was conducted several years ago - for people who thought they were being interviewed for a top managerial position, a recruiter suddenly threw a glass of water in his face. This experiment was so famous that now the reception “a glass of water in the face” is mentioned as one of the first when talking about stressful interviews.

    The reactions were varied - some wiped themselves off and continued the conversation, some left in shock, others gave back - in return they threw something at the recruiter. One man showed an excellent reaction, dodging (then left the room). The insecurity of the experiment was manifested in the fact that one girl, while the water was still in flight, managed to snatch a chair out from underneath herself and try to hit the offender, in this case the recruiter had dexterity - if he had not had time to evade, it would not have done without medicine. (unfortunately, I could not find a video of the program in which this experiment was shown)

    It is believed that a stressful interview is useful in interviewing a person who, in the future, will have to deal with stress in the course of work. In my opinion, this is not so - such a method, as can be seen from the experiment, removes the mask from a person and shows his real qualities, which allows us to more accurately judge whether he is suitable for a certain position or not. For example, a manager needs aggressiveness, and a public relations officer needs resourcefulness and tolerance.

    Now such interview methods (not so harsh, of course) are also used in the IT field. For example, I know a person who has encountered elements of pressure during an interview for the position of Analyst.

    So, what can the habrvchanin expect.

    1. It will start still before you enter

    A common option for introducing into stress is to pickle a person in anticipation of the interview itself. In this case, it is worthwhile to figure out for yourself in advance how much waiting this vacancy is and spend this time. You can stock up on a book.

    2. Filling out the questionnaire in uncomfortable conditions.

    This technique was mentioned even in People in Black, as well as a way out of the situation - make yourself comfortable (who does not remember - here starting from the fourth minute)

    3. The interview may be conducted in an uncomfortable room

    - too bright or dark, stuffy / cold, smoked, etc. For this, you just have to be prepared.

    4. Unequal forces.

    The interview can be conducted in such a way that there are many applicants, or vice versa, representatives of the employer, moreover, one sits opposite you, leans toward you and at first portrays a great interest. Another sits down so that it is inconvenient to look at him (from the back or from the side), while they inform you that he is a very important person and you must certainly impress him. The third is also located somewhere behind as an observer. This situation, when the "big brother" sees you, but you do not see those who are looking at you, can be resolved by turning the chair to see all the interlocutors.
    Sitting opposite "interested" also does not make a good impression. He deliberately does not use the so-called joining technique in communication. In ordinary life, we mirror each other's gestures and poses, and in this case, your interlocutor deliberately moves away, turns away from you, and answers your smile with a cold look.

    5. During the interview itself

    unexpected questions may be asked, the pace, tone and enthusiasm of the recruiter can change dramatically - that is, he can just think, be distracted or make a call to someone.
    Topics that may be affected:
    - The shortcomings of the applicant, which are immediately discussed, criticized and ridiculed;
    - Reasons for dismissal from past jobs.
    - Interest in the personal life of the candidate. And to the moments, possibly not having a connection with the work and quite intimate. For example, one woman was asked questions: “You have two children, while you worked without a break. Did you come to work when the child was very young? I do not like women who abandon their children! Why did you need a second child? Was he born in a second marriage? So you also have a problem with men! Some women think that it is possible to keep a man with the help of a child. It’s naive, right? ”

    And in a certain company, all applicants for an interview were given the condition (of course, fake) - to have plastic surgery paid for by the company - this was how they checked the depth of loyalty :) of the applicant.

    6. Among the crazy approaches is also this:

    (although he is more to managers and managers) The option was to place the candidate in “real field conditions”, when HR, under the guise of a client (usually angry), burst into the office where the interview was conducted and, turning to anyone, dragged those present into the conflict. Much depended on the reaction of the applicant: on the one hand, he is not yet an employee, cannot intervene, and on the other hand, the scandal within the walls of a reputable company is not the best indicator, other clients will respond to this, so you need to smooth it out faster with possible means.
    The applicant, who is not indifferent to the company in which he intends to work, and who is embarking on a resolution of the conflict with an unknown hooligan client, was this indicator, among others, that was assessed when making the decision.

    7. And of course, the good old "good and evil cops."

    For example, the evil presses on the interviewee in every possible way, and the good one at this moment suggests thinking about positions that are more worthy of a candidate like him.

    Total, universal recipe - be calm and polite. You can make or not make concessions, but politeness, even frowning, should not leave you. Remember, you can complete everything at any time - just say goodbye to a tactless or rude interviewer.
    By and large, the methods in the selection of personnel also characterize the company in which to work. And the applicant, in turn, may wonder, does he need it? So a stressful interview provides important information not only to the employer, but also to the applicant.
    And finally, the video. Gaming, but the essence reflects well.

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