Resource Blocking Amendments

    Good afternoon, habrasociety.

    Literally today I found the introduced bill No. 336400-6 “On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on the Protection of the Rights of Subjects in the Use of Information and Telecommunication Technologies” .

    I was able to overpower not all the amendments introduced by the bill, but based on an explanatory note sent together with the draft to the State Duma apparatus, we are talking about canceling the "pre-trial" blocking of sites at the behest of the left heel , on the appeal of the legal traders:

    It should be noted that such giants of the Internet industry as Yandex and Google, RAEC, Group, Poster-Rambler-SUP, RU-CENTER, Hosting Center, OZON.RU, as well as representatives of public organizations, associations, foundations and portals: the Foundation for the Promotion of Internet Technologies and Infrastructure, the Association of Internet Publishers, the Association of Internet Users, the Pirate Party of Russia, RosKomSvoboda, a number of electronic libraries, media, file-sharing services and trackers.
    The public initiative to repeal the Law was signed by more than 100 thousand citizens of Russia.
    The number of citizens who do not support this law is tens of millions of Internet users in Russia, owners of websites and portals, representatives of IT business, the media, authors, designers, musicians, scientists and people of various professions who use the Internet every day.
    There is every reason to believe that the adopted Law will entail a decrease in the achieved level of development of the Internet system. Today, the Russian
    Internet industry occupies a leading position in the international arena, in particular - fourth place in terms of investment and first place in the number of users in Europe. The Internet and related ecosystems account for 4.62% of Russia's GDP; growth in this area is up to 30% per year.
    Based on the foregoing, the authors of this draft law propose recognizing Federal Law No. 187-ФЗ dated July 2, 2013 “On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation Regarding the Protection of Intellectual Rights in Information and Telecommunication Networks” and all amendments made to it in the Russian legislation as invalid .
    Only after that it will be possible to slowly and with the participation of all parties and holding a nationwide discussion, taking into account the opinions of experts and other professionals, develop and adopt a law aimed at protecting intellectual property rights in information and telecommunication networks.

    PS Of course, far from the fact that this project will be adopted.

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