According to the law, letters from the tax office sent by mail will now be guaranteed to arrive in 6 days

    Colleagues, good day.

    Against the background of universal love for the Russian Post (and, probably, for the tax inspectorate), I could not miss the amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation approved by the Federal Law of July 23, 2013 No. 248-83 .

    The main point is that all the correspondence sent by the Federal Tax Service will be considered delivered on day 6. That is, it does not matter who received the letter, where it got, how you are at the address indicated during registration, or your legal entity at the address. It is no longer possible to refer to non-receipt either in claims or in court.

    Actually, the law has established for us a long time ago that the taxpayer himself must monitor the relevance of the address (and IP registration addresses). But, in my opinion, they’re too optimistic that way, with the post then ...

    The law comes into force on July 30, 2013, for the IT sector the issue is relevant - many work without offices, remotely, etc., - check the availability of mail at addresses or registration addresses (for individual entrepreneurs and others).

    Praise the alliance of the Federal Tax Service and the Post of the Russian Federation!

    upd: In the comments we noticed that the amendments still have a lot of interesting things, rounding taxes to the whole ruble and so on. Those interested are likely to find it useful.

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