VTsIOM reports: most Internet users support bill No. 89417-6

    The All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM) published on its website a survey on the theme "ONE BLACK LIST OF SITES": FOR AND AGAINST , in fact - for or against the adopted bill No. 89417-6 .

    I'll start right away with a couple of quotes:

    The vast majority of Internet users faced the problem of access to dangerous content on the network (84%). Nothing is known about this, only 14% of Internet users.
    Three quarters of the surveyed Internet users support the implementation of the "Unified Blacklist of Internet Sites" (73%).
    Against the creation of the "black list" are 9% of respondents

    1600 people of different ages were interviewed from different parts of our country, the survey was conducted on July 7 and 8, that is, after the first reading, but before the final adoption of the bill itself.

    Statistics also relate to varieties of “dangerous content”, the leader in terms of negativity is calls for joining radical extremist organizations, which 92% of respondents spoke for blocking. Also, waves of negativity received calls to join religious sects (91%), pornography (90%), information about weapons and their manufacture (89%). Profanity scored 84 percent of the negative.

    The survey results also say that 76% of Internet users take security measures when using the Internet by a child under 12 years old. The most common method is the presence of a parent next to the child (34%), and programs for “parental control” put only 14%.

    More detailed statistics and signs are available on the VTsIOM website.

    Dear habrasociety! What do you think about the reliability of such statistics? While the entire Internet almost rebelled, some 1,600 people almost unanimously agreed that the law was needed. Personally, it puzzled me a little.

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