British judge: "Galaxy Tab is not as cool as the iPad"

    In the next patent dispute between Apple and Samsung, the court recognized the correctness of the latter.

    But the judge justified this with the fact that the Samsungs are just not as cool as iPads, so they are difficult to confuse, and you should not talk about a complete similarity of appearance.

    So, according to Judge Colin Beers, Galaxy does not violate any rights regarding the design of Apple, because “customers are unlikely to confuse these two products. After all, Samsung products are not inherent in that easy simplicity and the successful use of the principles of minimalism, like Apple. They are not so cool. ” Literal quote - They are not as cool.

    Samsung representatives said that the court’s decision only emphasizes their position on this issue, namely that Samsung does not violate Apple’s rights.

    “If Apple continues its patent policy and tries to sue everyone and everything, this will only stall progress. “Innovations will be seriously slowed down, and consumers will be quite limited in their choice.”

    The trial itself was initiated by Samsung - they asked the court to rule that they did not violate any Apple rights. As soon as Apple found out about this, they immediately filed a counterclaim.

    In general, if Apple does not like this court decision (which should be beneficial, at least from a marketing point of view), then they have 21 days to appeal it.


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