Cafes in the capital of Malaysia will be required to provide Wi-Fi

    While the Belarusian government has full control over the Internet, Malaysia is trying in every way to increase its accessibility. Starting in April, any cafe in the center of Kuala Lumpur who wants to obtain or renew a license must provide Wi-Fi to its customers.

    The new requirement of the City Hall of the Malaysian capital will apply to restaurants with an area of ​​more than 120 square meters. Restaurants, as well as cafes, pubs, bars and clubs, will have to provide Wi-Fi to their customers for free or for a reasonable fee.

    Prior to that, in Kuala Lumpur since May 2008, fifteen hundred free hot spots have been installed. However, this service will soon be closed, because the mayor's office decided not to renew the contract with the provider that installed them. Thus, the mayor’s office wants to give other providers the opportunity to offer better communication and additional services for citizens.

    Ubiquitous Wi-Fi is, of course, great, but from my own experience I can say that free Wi-Fi is harmful for owners in that a visitor can order a cup of coffee for one euro and occupy a table all day. And paid Wi-Fi is kind of weird.

    via New Straits Times , The Next Web

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