Americans want to remove the Cherokee web server logo

    The Americans have been repeatedly noticed in one way or another trying to please the minorities living in the United States by protecting them from conceivable and unthinkable attacks, hints, ridicule and other attacks on their fragile psychological health.

    So, just yesterday in a mailing list for developers of the Cherokee web server , a letter was published with the following contents:
    “Your logo is extremely culturally insensitive to American indigenous peoples. Please delete it or modify it. There is huge debate in North America about people using Native American symbols / logos / caricatures to humiliate or otherwise hint that indigenous peoples are fast, bizarre, demented, etc. The idea of ​​indigenous names and logos for web servers makes little sense. Maybe you could consider revising your logo and use something other than a caricature of a person? ”

    Let me remind you that the Cheerokee web server is an extremely dynamically developing web server, also known as one of the fastest web servers ( according to the developers ) to date.

    In this regard, the outcome of this question is interesting, since the following, in my opinion, may be the well-known Apache web server. At the moment, this is just a request to the developers, but it is possible that someone might be on hand to turn this issue towards a trial.

    UPD: A little about the creator of Cherokee - this guy's name is Alvaro Lopez Ortegaand he lives in Madrid, Spain. From 2004 to 2008, he worked at Sun Microsystems as a technical leader. Interestingly, do Americans really believe that they have the right to tell citizens of another state what to do so that in distant America the Indians who survived will live well? I respect the Indians as a brave and wise nation at one time, but dictating terms across the oceans is already a bit too much. Although I doubt that this is an initiative of the Native Indians.

    PS: Personally, I am interested in observing American attacks of tolerance, because as a result of such attacks, the minority dictates the norms of behavior for the majority. With this approach, in the United States the most disadvantaged layer of the population will be a white heterosexual American.

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