IT-Ukraine: Caution, the doors are closing!

    Starting from the new year, the current government plans to outlaw freelancing in Ukraine, make the outsourcing market uncompetitive, and at the same time put a bold cross on all kinds of Internet startups. With the help of the draft Tax Code , which is planned to be put into effect as early as January next year.

    It is planned to withdraw from the simplified taxation regime a very wide list of activities, in particular:
    • Internet activities
    • foreign economic activity
    • promotional activities

    A complete list of types of “illegal activity” can be found on Ukrainian Truth . In general, tax pressure can rise to 50 percent or more. Obviously, now freelancers and Internet startups in Ukraine will get some great alternatives:
    • run abroad soon
    • run into the shadows (do not pay taxes at all)
    • hide under the caring wing of large firms and foundations
    The latter, obviously, will do this only from altruistic motives and love for their homeland or country of residence. One of the options that is now being widely discussed on the network is the venture fund of the wife of Sergei Tigipko , deputy prime minister of the current government and one of the authors of these legislative initiatives.

    A well-known character in Ukrainian politics, Mikhail Brodsky (co-author of new trends and the current chairman of the State Committee for Concurrent Entrepreneurship), in his same blog, clearly and unequivocally recommends doing the very last thing: “get a job”.

    It is declared that “reforms” will allow replenishing the state budget by 25 billion theoretical hryvnias. I wonder how, in one fell swoop, transferring chickens that lay golden eggs to the state in the form of foreign exchange earnings?


    UPD1 : Translation of news in English went to the main page on Slashdot .
    UPD2 : On June 17, the draft Tax Code was voted by BP in the first reading.

    A big public request to the administration of the resource to return this topic to open access!

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