About modern cybercops from departments "K"

    imageGood afternoon, dear habralum!

    Recently, “hysteria” has completely unclear to me about the activities of the “K” management departments in different regions of our vast Motherland unfolded on the Internet. Many forums tell chilling stories about scary cybercops, codenamed "scaffolds."

    I was puzzled by the controversy that developed and met several of my friends, the first of whom works in one of the territorial departments of the SKP of the Russian Federation and occupies not the last leading position there. My second interlocutor, I chose a friend who occupies a similar position in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Why did I invite representatives of various departments to a conversation? Because articles 146, 272-274 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation belong to the category of so-called “alternative articles”, according to which a preliminary investigation can be carried out both in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and in the SKP of the Russian Federation.

    Over a glass of beer we had a rather interesting conversation. In short, I would like to acquaint my dear readers with some excerpts from this conversation:

    Question to both interlocutors:
    Guys, what kind of incomprehensible “bouncing” by law enforcement officers began in the areas of strengthening the fight against “cyber crime” and the suppression of crimes related to violation of copyright and related rights?

    Yes, there is such a thing ... There are several opinions ... Some believe that this is another “politik” on the part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose leadership has completely eaten up guys on Old Square due to the pressure of foreign colleagues on it, because in our country, laws for the protection of copyright do not work at all, especially in the ru zone. Others attribute such a vigorous activity of “kashniks” to the upcoming reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs system, as well as to an increase in the detection rates of so-called “sticks”. The staff of the “kashiks” has long been no secret behind seven seals. Among them, there were practically no qualified specialists in such fields as IT, information protection, the suppression of crimes with the use of high technology, and the suppression of copyright and related rights violations. Most operas don’t even know the basics of criminal procedure legislation, as well as the foundations of the legislation on operational-search activities. Plus, do not forget about the corruption scandals surrounding these units. Many "officers" are really afraid to be on the street.

    Question to SKP-Schnick:
    I want to ask you a question on the topic and subject of our conversation. How many criminal cases go through you per month, and on what charges?

    We bring about 10 cases a month to court. In nine cases out of ten, we are charged under 146 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (violation of copyright and related rights). The object of crime in the vast majority of disks with 1C. In my territory there are several fairs such as "Humpbacks", here are the "kashniks" every month and creep up to me with a request to work on the cutting of "sticks". The local OBEP sometimes works when the authorities cannot straighten out statistics.

    And what are the sanctions in court?

    Maximum year conditional.

    And what about the issues of compensation for material damage to copyright holders?

    What material damage? Who needs this? Recently, they covered a batch of left-wing DVDs with the latest film distribution news. In the beginning, they started to rewrite and record, and then they got tired of looking for copyright holders and send them requests. Do you think that one of the copyright holders answered me? No one! A few years ago, "kashniks" with "obepovtsev" detained a container of porn, owners and manufacturers were not found, so still in one of the regional departments at the cops in the internal parking lot it is rotting. Nobody needs all this fuss. Is that "chop down a stick."

    Listen, but are the Kashniks using any special technical means when conducting operational-search measures? Maybe they have some special hardware, or software, or specialists ... for example, when investigating cases involving illegal actions in relation to content?

    Are you kidding or kidding me? What a special. equipment? A dictaphone of the time of the discovery by Europeans of China, more or less washed bums, which are sent to test purchases. Do you think that their ordinary opera knows such words as content, domain, domain name registration, administration? I am still amazed how these geniuses in Moscow contrived the theme of torrents “inflate and dig up something there!” Stopudov, some interested specialist commerce from the side “worked and managed the orchestra”. And about the removal of servers, I generally said nothing. Look for the hell out of the hell for yourself on w ... poo adventure? A more or less sensibly trained lawyer can inflate such a scandal and raise it in such a way that you cannot get rid of your post by special. You can leave the area.

    You might think that you can’t stand the technique?

    Only morons take out equipment and keep it in their own chaos. There are an enormous number of ways, how, without escalating horror and tantrums, to secure evidence in a criminal case under the law. Moreover, if there is not enough evidence, but the investigator has the “invoice” in his hands, the suspect himself is interested in minimizing the adverse consequences for himself, and under certain circumstances without pressure, he himself will provide everything. You know that very well! And to take out servers at providers - complete nonsense! Although, I can’t say for sure who, according to the situation that was in Moscow, is right - not right. I am not familiar with the materials of that case.

    Well, and under chapter 28 of the Criminal Code (computer crime), did you have at least one thing to do?

    I do not, but the police on our territory had. Yes swam! A few years ago, a drunk student somehow managed to "shut down" an ATM. Passing by OBO-shniki thought that he wants to steal money. They brought to the nearest police station. In the department, the attendant on duty managed to institute criminal proceedings against the student under Part 1. Art. 272 of the Criminal Code, because He considered that the ATM is a computer and the student “hacked” it, because I had a USB cable with me. Thank God that the district prosecutor was in the mind and reversed the decision to institute criminal proceedings. And laughter and tears.

    Question to the Ministry of Internal Affairs: Buddy
    , I am asking you the same questions? Comment on a colleague!

    There is nothing to add. I confirm everything in full! In my territory there is still “more fun" situation. In short, tie, the beer is warming!

    On this we started a conversation on the topic.

    And from myself I can tell a story that I witnessed myself, because one of our clients got into it. A few years ago, a so-called “cyber-telephone attack” was committed on one commercial structure that provides logistics services, because of which all telephones and Internet connections were blocked for several weeks.

    The result of this attack led to the fact that during this period the company stopped, because most clients could not contact her office. All attempts to contact were reduced to the fact that when dialing the phone number of the company, short beeps were heard in response. The telecom operator and provider only shrugged and could not help, or maybe just did not want to. The owners of the company turned to the valiant “kashniks” for protection.

    These cybercops for three days, on various pretexts, refused to accept the application. After the application was nevertheless accepted, the Kashniks began to ask merchants questions about what they want. The behavior of the cybercops put the applicants in a stupor. Miserable requests such as “is it possible to break through subscribers from whose numbers there is a“ sweeping ”, or to identify the villains who organized the attack”, were simply ignored.

    More interesting: the opera invited merchants to independently contact all communication service providers that work in the city (there were more than two dozen at that time) and to find out where “swapping” is carried out through their security services, then go to the address and detain the villains on their own why pass them into the hands of the "kashniks". To the question: “Why should we do this ourselves?” The answer was received: “We do not have special equipment and specialists who could help you.”

    Merchants left the state of stupor, but entered the state of out! There is nothing to do ... And they went, burning the sun, to the nearest detective agency ... For several hours, private detectives established the points from where the "swotting" was carried out, and the next day the villains themselves were established and outside surveillance was started over them. How points were set, I can’t know, most likely, through personal informal contacts among the city’s telecom operators. Guesses of businessmen about unfairness of competitors were confirmed, since points stood in their storage areas. The information received on the same day was passed to the Kashniks. The latter woke up wild enthusiasm! It was decided to "pick up" the detectives and detain the villains. The detectives handed over all the information, including photo and video materials, to the brave operas. They decided to detain them at one of the subway stations. It was produced according to all the canons of Hollywood action movies. During the detention, the villain's nose was clenched and cones were stuck in the skull.

    All is well! The villain is detained, and justice triumphs! After a few minutes, detectives approach the valiant cybercops and it turns out that the detained person had nothing to do with the investigation. And on the photo and video materials recorded a completely different character. A curtain! Music! A few days later, the "kashniks" deigned to visit the points and interview the warehouse guards. "Slotting" has stopped. Though thanks for that :-)

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