Development of the cult game STALKER 2 resumed

    Game development STALKER 2 resumed! Yes, yes, yes, what many of us have been waiting for - happened! Many no longer hoped that the STALKER 2 game would be released, but apparently the sale of the Cossacks 3 made it possible to find the necessary means to resume development.

    Judging by the source code STALKER 2, a few years ago, the game will be multiplatform, and have versions for PC, Sony Play Station, and XBox. Let's hope that adding a multiplatform will not destroy the unique atmosphere of this game.

    Judging by the official website of the game, the game will be released in 2021, but people who know the history of STALKER games perfectly understand that the release date can be repeatedly postponed :) I

    invite you in the comments to discuss how the continuation of the cult game will look like.

    UPD 1:
    There are hints from Sergey Galyonkin, the head of the publishing direction of Epic Games, that the game will be on the UE4 engine, but there is no official confirmation / denial of the information at the moment.

    Many fans of the game rushed to comment on this:

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    Will the game keep its unique atmosphere?

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